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  • MSI MSI Pen Grey
    MSI Pen (Grey)

    MSI Pen GreyEX780624

    Compatible with Summit E13 Flip Series Summit E16 Flip Series Creator Z16P series CreatorPro Z16P series Creator Z17 series CreatorPro Z17 series

    MSI Pen supports accurate precision for natural writing experience. It comes with two types of replaceable pen tips, a sharper tip like fountain pen and a rounder tip like crayon. MSI Pen is crafted in a 13.5g ultra-light design for a longer and comfortable use.

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  • MSI
    MSI 9 in 1 Type-C Multi-port Hub


    Type-C / HDMI / RJ45 / USB 3.2 / SD Card Reader / TF Card Reader / Mic Jack

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  • MSI 957-16Q21P-103
    MSI 180 Watt AC Power Adapter, Slim (957-16Q21P-103)


    Compatible with GS65, WS65, P65 (1070), GS75 (180W models only)

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  • ASUS 90XB0310-BBA000
    ASUS Republic of Gamers Ranger Compact Case (Storage Case Only)


    Case size for gaming mouse storage, NOT a backpack, mouse NOT included

    ROG Ranger Compact Case is the latest addition to the ROG Ranger Series family. ROG Ranger Compact Case has the same high-density construction found on the ROG Ranger Messenger and ROG Ranger Backpack, and sports the iconic ROG logo.

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  • MSI 957-15431P-101
    MSI 240 Watt AC Power Adapter, Box Plug (957-15431P-101)


    Compatible with GE76 Series Laptop w/3060 Graphics, GE66 Series Laptop w/3070 Graphics, GS77 Series Laptop w/3070 Ti/3080 Ti Graphics, Vector GP76 Series Laptop w/3060 Graphics, Creator Z16P Series Laptop w/3070ti/3080/3080ti Graphics, Creator Z17 Series Laptop w/3070ti/3080/3080ti Graphics, Creator Pro Z17 Series Laptop w/A3000/A5500 Graphics, WE76 Series Laptop w/RTXA3000 Graphics

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  • MSI 957-17H11P-101
    MSI 330 Watt AC Power Adapter (957-17H11P-101)


    Compatible w/ GP68HX(4080)/GP76(3080Ti), GE67HX(3070Ti/3080Ti)/GE68HX(4090), GE76 (3080/3080Ti)/GE77HX (3070Ti/3080Ti)/GE78 HX(4080/4090), GT77(3080Ti)/GT77 HX(4080/4090)

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  • MSI 957-17E21P-101
    MSI 280 Watt AC Power Adapter, Slim (957-17E21P-101)***SPECIAL ORDER LEAD-TIME +6 week minimum***


    Compatible w/ MSI GE/GL RTX 2070/RTX 2080 Laptops (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH GE66)***SPECIAL ORDER LEAD-TIME +6 week minimum***

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    MSI Mystic Knight Gaming Backpack


    Fits up to 17-inch laptop, Water repellent rated at IPX-2

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  • MSI
    MSI Workstation Steel Mouse Pad (Not for sale)


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  • MSI G34-N1XX007-SI9
    MSI Hardshell Backpack for Workstation (Not for sale)


    Bundle with MSI Notebook Only

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  • ASUS 90XB07KN-MTO040
    ASUS Pen 2.0 SA203H Stylus Pen


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  • ASUS
    ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) YETI Mug (not for sale, NB bundle only)


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