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SilenX IXA-AFK - Additional Fan Kit for IXA-CCS

Model: IXA-AFKSKU: IXA-AFKStore ID: EX597619

$24.99Shipping from $7.39

SilenX IXA-CCS - Cabinet Cooling System with AC / DC Adapter

Model: IXA-CCSSKU: IXA-CCSStore ID: EX597618

$59.99Shipping from $7.39

SilenX IXA-FCEX - External 4 Channel Fan Controller with AC / DC Adapter

Model: IXA-FCEXSKU: IXA-FCEXStore ID: EX571901

$34.99Shipping from $7.39

SilenX IXA-FCIN - Internal 1 Channel Fan Controller

Model: IXA-FCINSKU: IXA-FCINStore ID: EX571902

$5.99Shipping from $7.39


Zalman FAN MATE 2 Fan Controller

Model: FANMATE-2SKU: FANMATE-2Store ID: AS566279

$3.50Shipping from $7.39

Zalman ZM-MFC3 Multi Fan Controller

Model: ZM-MFC3SKU: ZM-MFC3Store ID: AS593786

$59.90Shipping from $11.09
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