MSI USB 2.0 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (GK-701)

  MSI USB 2.0 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (GK-701)
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  • Cherry MX Brown Switch
  • Red Backlight
  • Windows Key Lock
  • N-Key Rollover
  • Multimedia Hotkeys
  • Anti-slip Rubber Feet
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Braided Wire & Gold-plated Connector


Built on the popular Cherry MX brown tactile switches, the MSI GK-701 provides superb feedback and sensitive key responsiveness. In order to deliver the highest quality standards in keyboards, each key on the MSI GK-701 is created with precision laser etching for extra resistance to wear and uses 18K gold plating to increase the stability while N-key rolover makes sure that every key-press registers. A gaming red LED backlights the each individual key even after 50 Million key presses ( per key ) making them excellent for use at during day and night. A set of Multimedia hotkeys allow for quick volume adjustments and playback control. The ergonomic and rugged key press structure prevents player discomfort even after extended use.




Cherry MX Brown Switch

- Extreme long life 50 MILLION KEY PRESSES
- Actuation force: 45g
- Travel distance: 4mm to the bottom
- Pre-travel: 2mm to actuation point
- Gold plated makes the switch more durable



N-Key Rollover

You can have multiple keys pressed at the same time without any interruption


Ergonomic Design

- Each key press surface has unique angle.
- Ergonomic design keyboard can minimize muscle strain and a host of related problems



Game Mode ( Windows Key Lock )

Just click the windows key lock to disable the windows key and click again to enable it.


Multimedia Key

Quick access to your media function include mute, volume control, play / pause, and skip tracks.



Braided Wire

Gold-plated USB connector with braided cable for extremely low interference


Gold Plated Connector

High durable and low latency compared to other normal metal plated


Anti-slip Rubber Feet

High-end double injection Anti-slip Rubber Feet provides excellent stability



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