MSI Interceptor DS200 Gaming Mouse

  MSI Interceptor DS200 Gaming Mouse
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  • Ergonomic Design
  • Advanced Anti-slip Coating
  • Multi-function 9 Programmable Buttons
  • Gold-plated Connector & Braided Wire
  • Exclusive Gaming Software
  • RGB Backlight


Ergonomic Design

  • The advanced design of DS200 GAMING Mouse maximizes wrist comfort while hours gaming.
  • DS200 GAMING Mouse helps prevent the pain or ease repetitive motion or strain.



Advanced Coating

Advanced non-slip coating helps you have best control over your mouse.



Weight System

Change the weight with eight 2.4 gram weights to suit the game. Giving you the perfect weight for a perfect feel.



9 Programmable Buttons for Multi-function Setting

  • Two DPI setting buttons below the wheel
  • Four Side buttons on the left side


Exclusive Gaming Software

  • MSI DS200 GAMING Mouse software gives you total control over the mouse.



  • Re-program all your buttons

Basic and advanced Windows function

Media function

Game function like Combo Key and Fire Key

Macro setting and recording



  • Basic, Advanced, and Media function hot key make your work more convenient.



  • Combo Key can let you setup a hot key of combination from your keyboard. It is especially useful for FPS or ARPG games.
  • Fire Key can let you setup frequency and delay time of multi-click




  • Macro manager helps you recording and setting your Macros.



  • Setup your favorite DPI volume separately for each profile or DPI adjust button.



  • Fully adjustable RGB Backlighting.
  • Adjusting your backlight color from 16 million RGB colors.
  • Adjusting backlight breathing mode speed.



  • Adjust your click speed or pointer speed for the best user experience.
  • All your setting can be saved into different profiles include button setting, DPI setting, and backlight setting.
  • Up to 5 profiles and quick switch by the Profile Switch Button on the bottom of the mouse.



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