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ASUS GeForce GT 630 2GB DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 Video Card (GT630-2GD3)

ASUS GeForce GT 630 2GB DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 Video Card (GT630-2GD3)
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ASUS GeForce GT 630 2GB DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 Video Card (GT630-2GD3), GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 630, Memory: DDR3 2GB, Interface: PCI Express 2.0



ASUS GT 630 delivers efficient multimedia and gaming performance


  • Pump up graphics performance with Super Alloy Power delivering a 15% performance boost, 2.5 longer lifespan and 35°C cooler operation
  • Dust-proof Fan design increases particle resistence and extends card lifespan by up to 25% longer than reference.
  • GPU Tweak utility helps you modify and tune clock speeds, voltages, and fan performance via an intuitive interface.



Raging Cool For the Win!

ASUS Exclusive Innovation

Super Alloy Power

The exclusive alloyed components helps boost performance by reducing power loss, enhancing durability and achieving cooler operation. The chokes’ concrete core eliminates the buzz sound in full load while the capacitors assure a 50,000 hours lifespan - equivalent to 2.5 times longer than traditional capacitors.


GPU Tweak

Real-time and intuitive graphics tuning

GPU Tweak provides a professional yet intuitive graphics tuning interface for real time card adjustment and monitoring

- Detailed specs and actual card status with GPU-Z

- Monitoring widget provides real-time and detailed multi-parameter info

- 2D/ 3D switcher can lock the card in 3D mode for higher benchmarks

- Automatically check and update drivers and BIOS versions

- Sync GPU clocks and voltages for easier overclocking


Dust-proof Fan

25% Longer Lifespan

Unique fan design dissipates heat efficiently while extending a graphic card’s lifespan by 25% through increased dust and particle resistance.



Graphics GPU Features

Powered by NVIDIA GeForce GT610




Unlocks the power of GPU’s processor cores to accelerate the most demanding system tasks




Dynamic visual effects like blazing explosions, reactive debris, realistic water, and lifelike characters.



DirectX 11 Done Right

Brings new levels of visual realism to gaming on the PC and get top-notch performance



Microsoft Windows 7 Compatible

Enable PC users to enjoy an advanced computing experience and to do more with their PC


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