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QNAP NMP-1000P Diskless 1-bay Network Multimedia Player (discontinued)

QNAP NMP-1000P Diskless 1-bay Network Multimedia Player (discontinued)
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QNAP NMP-1000P Network Multimedia Player, delivering stunning pictures and ultra realistic multi-channel surround sound, is the new generation of digital home entertainment especially designed for audio and video enthusiasts. Sigma Designs SMP8643 Processor, 512MB DDR II SDRAM, 256MB flash Memory.





QNAP NMP-1000P network multimedia player, delivering stunning pictures and ultra realistic multi-channel surround sound, is the new generation of digital home entertainment especially designed for audio and video enthusiasts. NMP-1000P not only features high performance stereo DAC and automatic media management but also plays and shares HD videos, photos, and high-quality music on the internal hard disk. NMP-1000P also supports network playback of the digital contents from the PCs or NAS on your home network. The player can be seamlessly integrated with TV and stereo system for playing your digital collections at home.


NMP-1000P supports various file formats including high-definition quality videos with commercial-like menu navigation and next generation HD audio surround sound. It is capable of high-speed data transfer to your PC via USB or eSATA connection. The player is small and lightweight, yet powerful to deliver smooth and crisp playback of 1080p video and high-definition audio and bring the excitement of home theater.



Enjoy and share your digital media contents right from your living room

Cinema-grade digital home experience

NMP-1000P features the newest generation hardware-based decoder from Sigma Designs, Inc., SMP8643 SoC, a 667MHz CPU with floating point processor, provides responsive UI, more Internet services capability, and advanced hardware and software decoding technology. The playback of video files encoded in H.264 or other popular formats are supported for up to 1080p resolution Full HD ultimate quality. Multi-channel digital surround sound is also supported to achieve a truly cinema-grade experience.



Downloadable movie cover and information

Flip through the movie synopsis before you start the movie! NMP-1000P supports displaying the movie cover with movie information. In addition to the file-list view, you can browse your movie collection by the movie cover art.



1080p at 24 frames per second for real cinema experience

NMP-1000P supports 24p playback of full HD videos, which brings cinema-like images to your living room. NMP-1000P is able to reproduce movies that are originally shot at 24fps and provide excellent true-to-life picture quality on your TV.


Experience incredible sound quality

The built-in Wolfson WM8524 high performance DAC delivers 106 dB SNR, with excellent mute and crosstalk performance and supports 24-bit conversion of all audio sampling rates between 8-192 kHz. This latest add-on to NMP-1000P will definitely create an intense, clear, and outstanding audio experience for the audience.


The FLAC lossless audio files can be natively handled by the NMP-1000P without converting job. You can rip to archive your favorite music CD and enjoy the original high-quality music on your Hi-Fi system conveniently. The NMP-1000P plays lots of digital music format, including FLAC, PCM, WMA, APE with cue sheet, AC3, DTS, and WAV.



Browse the digital photos in slideshow

NMP-1000P lets you share your memorable photos with your friends and family. You can browse the digital photos on your TV in slideshow with your desired background music.


Store and playback your camcorder video

Back up your cherished family and vacation videos; the HDV or AVCHD digital videos recorded by camcorder can be played directly from the NMP-1000P, e.g. Sony HDR-CX12 and Panasonic HDC-HS100.


High compatibility of media formats and subtitle support

NMP-1000P supports almost all popular media formats files such as MKV (H.264), M2TS, BDMV, ISO and AVI with the most popular codecs. DVD functional navigation of ISO, VOB, and IFO formats is also available. A range of popular subtitle formats are supported with configurable font properties for ease of viewing.


An easily accessible library at your fingertips

NMP-1000P automatically finds all the digital media files on its internal hard disk or the mounted remote disks on your home network, and organizes them into a categorized library. The navigation tree enables you to sort and search the multimedia files systematically. You can also specify different ratings for the music and video files.


Easy-to-use and user-friendly interface

NMP-1000P is designed with an intuitive graphical user interface. You can customize the home menu background with your selected images or video. A remote control with luminous buttons is provided for you to use it easily in the dark. With the on-box VFD display and the controlling buttons on the machine's front panel, you can configure the system or listen to the stored music without turning on the TV.







Online media contents readily available

NMP-1000P allows you to access the latest Apple movie trailers for upcoming and recent movies, private and public Flickr and Picasa photo albums, over 1000 SHOUTcast Internet radio stations and even the weather forecast of your location in the next 7 days, all on your TV screen. In addition, the integrated Mediafly service provides thousands of online video and audio feeds including podcasts, news, sports, comedy, pop-culture, technology, and more.



Apple Movie Trailers

NMP-1000P allows you to access the latest Apple movie trailers for upcoming and recent movies and experience the theatrical excitement with your HDTV.


Mediafly Network

NMP-1000P features Mediafly Network that provides thousands of video and audio feeds to your TV, such as ESPN. CNN, Comedy Channel, and Discovery Channel.


Flickr & Picasa Photos

You can access the public photos shared by the Flickr & Picasa members from all over the world and view them in full screen or as slideshow on your high resolution TV.


Internet radio service

You can select thousands of worldwide popular radio stations from SHOUTcast on the NMP-1000P or input your favorite Internet radio channels and play them on your Hi-Fi system at home.


Wireless Ready (Optional)

The NMP-1000P can be connected to the network with WEP/WPA-PSK encryption through USB wireless adaptor (802.11b/g/n) without physical network cables.

For HD video playback from the network, it is recommended to use wired connection.



Ease of data sharing through built-in NAS features

Advanced NAS features for storage and file sharing

NMP-1000P supports one 3.5-inch SATA hard disk (optional purchase), providing up to 2TB storage capacity to save your digital contents. Powerful NAS functions are supported for file sharing across Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. The built-in file server feature allows you to create multiple user IDs and passwords, user groups and define their access rights to the disk data.


Direct media playback from PCs or NAS on home network.

NMP-1000P can mount up to 32 remote disks through SMB/CIFS and NFS. You can play the shared files directly from your PC or other NAS devices on your home network. NMP-1000P can also discover the UPnP/DLNA supported storage devices on the local network for you to play the multimedia contents from them.



Backup utility

The NetBak Replicator backup utility is provided for you to easily back up the media files from Windows PC to NMP-1000P.


Remote access to your media files

The built-in FTP server and the Web File Manager enable you to upload or download the media files remotely.



Convenient remote access and management


Built-in DDNS support

NMP-1000P supports dynamic DNS (DDNS) for ease of remote access. You can register a unique domain name from a DDNS service provider and assign it to your player.


PC-less BitTorrent P2P download

NMP-1000P is equipped with BitTorrent download engine for continuous P2P download. To access the download interface of the NMP-1000P, you can login the web-based interface by the web browser or use the Windows or Mac QGet utility provided by QNAP. The download tasks can be managed even if you are away from home.


High performance file transfer through eSATA or USB

NMP-1000P is equipped with both USB and eSATA host ports for connecting external storage devices (NTFS/FAT32/EXT3). The player is based on NTFS file system and can act as a mass storage device of a Windows PC. It is equipped with an "eSATA-to-PC" port and a "USB-to-PC" port for direct connection to a PC. The file transfer rate via the eSATA connection is several times faster than that via the Ethernet connection, which saves you lots of time especially when copying large-sized video files.


Transfer Time Comparison Chart (minutes:seconds)



Testing environment: PC: Intel Core 2 Quad processor Q8300 2.50Ghz/4GB RAM, Intel 82571 NIC, Windows 7


Energy-saving solution for home theater

NMP-1000P is equipped with a quiet cooling fan for heat dissipation. You can place it in your living room or anywhere at home and it won't disturb your work or rest. The normal power consumption of NMP-1000P in operation is only 10W (without hard disk drive), which is less than that of an energy-saving light bulb.




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