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SilenX IXA-AFK - Additional Fan Kit for IXA-CCS

SilenX IXA-AFK - Additional Fan Kit for IXA-CCS
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SilenX IXA-AFK - Additional Fan Kit for IXA-CCS. RPM: 600-1500. CFM: 36-104.


The IXA-AFK is an additional fan kit to add another fan to your IXA-CCS cabinet cooling system. Comes with an additional fan, the fan frame housing and the needed hardware to mount the fan, simply plug the fan into the five channel fan controller on the IXA-CCS unit and you're good to go! The IXA-CCS supports up to five fans, you can purchase up to three additional IXA-AFK units to complete your system. Requires a cabinet with a thickness of <0.75" (<19mm) and also >2.5" (>64mm) of clearance behind the cabinet for the fan and fan frame to be installed. The only other tools required is a saw to punch out a 5.0" (127mm) diameter opening or 5.0"x5.0" (127x127mm) square opening to mount the fan frame, and a #2 Phillips screwdriver. Works only in conjunction with the IXA-CCS cabinet cooling system.


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