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Zalman ZM-MFC3 Multi Fan Controller

Zalman ZM-MFC3 Multi Fan Controller
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Zalman ZM-MFC3 Multi Fan controller that check the real time power consumption and the temperature of the main components of the computer.


  • Real-Time Power Load Display
  • FSTN Display for Wide Viewing Angles
  • Temperature Monitoring of Up To 4 Components
  • Fan RPM Monitoring & Control (3 x voltage, 1 x PWM)
  • Timer Display
  • Built-In Protection Circuit & Alarm


Front Panel

  • Power Load Meter: Displays Power Load between 10 ~ 999W. Readings of 1 ~ 9W are shown as "Lo" and readings of 1000W+ are shown as "Hi".
  • Timer: Timer shows Computer usage time and resets when Computer is turned OFF.
  • RPM Display: RPM is displayed in units of 10RPM. Values of 200RPM and below are shown as "0". Values between 201 ~ 6000RPM are supported by the display.
  • Temperature Display: Displays temperatures between -9°C and 99C. Temperatures below -10°C are shown as "Lo". The Display will blink temperatures between 80 ~ 99.9°C and display "Hi" for temperatures above 99.9°C.
  • Fan Channel Display.
  • Jog Wheel: Jog Wheel is used for adjusting Fan RPM and selecting a Fan Channel. RPM can be set from 60 to 6000RPM in units of 60RPM.



Back Panel

  • Standard Fans (Fan 1~3): 3-Pin fans that support the RPM output function can be connected for use.
  • PWM Fan : A 4-Pin fan that supports the PWM function can be connected for use.
  • Temperature Sensor: Four temperature sensors can be connected.
  • CVS Terminal: Receives the measured values of the CVS.
  • Power Connector: Connects with the PSU’s 4-Pin connector




- One ZM-MFC3
- One CVS (Ampere/Voltage Sensor)
- One CVS Extension Bracket
- One Temperature Sensors
- One C3 Cable
- One Y Cable
- One 4-Pin Cable
- One 3-Pin Cable
- One Bracket Screw
- Four ZM-MFC3 Installation Screw
- One User’s Manual



Please keep in mind when building a noiseless computer

Zalman affixes a Computer Noise Prevention System (CNPS) mark to all components used for noiseless computers.


Cautionary Notes

  • Plugging in the CVS Cable of the CVS into the motherboard’s USB port may damage the motherboard and CVS.
  • If the current to be measured exceeds 10A (RMS), use a cable or conductor that allows current greater than the current to be measured to flow through it, and always connect protective grounding prior to use of this instrument.


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