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SPI ATX-300PN-B204 300W ATX12V Power Supply

SPI ATX-300PN-B204 300W ATX12V Power Supply
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Model: ATX-300PN-B204SKU: ATX-300PN-B204Store ID: AS563826

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SPI ATX-300PN-B Power Supply, 300W Max Power, Complied with ATX12V standard, Low noise and ripple, High efficiency and reliability.


ATX-300PN (RoHS Compliant) 300 Watts ATX12V 2.2 Switching Power Supply





  • Complied with ATX12V standard
  • High efficiency and reliability, low noise and ripple
  • Compatible with European Union Directive 2002/95/EC (Restriction on Hazardous Substances)
  • Remote ON/OFF function
  • Internal 12V DC fan included
  • Noise Killer (thermal fan speed control function)
  • Output over voltage, short circuit, and over current protection
  • 100% Hi-pot, ATE, and burn-in tested
  • Re-settable power shut down
  • Complies with FCC part 15 subpart J class B 115Vac operation, and CISPR 22 class B at 230Vac operation
  • Approved by UL60950, CSA C22.2 NO. 60950, TUV EN60950 or VDE EN60950, NEMKO EN60950 (CB Report)




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Warranty: 1 Year

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